Saturday, 15 September 2012

WooHoo i'm on Facebook... and back to Etsy!

Well... i've certainly been a busy girl these last few weeks!!

I'm gradually adding to my Etsy shop which will include lots of lovely supplies and other goodies that will hopefully inspire you to rethink what you throw away, and to get a bit more 'crafty'! Come and check it out at - i'll update on here as soon as my first items hit the shop floor!

My new Facebook page is also up and live to you all!!

I hope that this will build into a little online community; a place for sharing ideas and pictures of latest upcycled projects! I've added a few of my own older projects to kick-start it off.

These were a couple of my costume projects made from upcycled fabrics and reclaimed bras. They were both sold over at my other shop -

 This bra was made from found fabrics - the basic strength came from a jute "bag for life"! I bet it didn't think it would be living out it's days as a belly dancer's costume!! I'm sure it was very happy though '-)
 It was adorned with a selection of beads, buttons and jewellery. It was a gypsy / tribal / ATS influenced design.

This one was built up from what I had available, again, found fabrics, beads, jewellery and reclaimed bra.

I'm hoping that the online community for reusing old fabrics and trimmings will continue building. Not only is it brilliant that we are sending less to an untimely end at landfill, but I think it's inspiring a whole load of people to try out being creative. I love seeing what people create and what clever ideas they have for using old junk in the process!

I'll leave you for the moment with an image I am most particularly proud of... my novel way of drying my homemade pasta!

My Facebook Upcycling community -
My Etsy Upcycling shop Revive Revamp Remake for lots of lovely supplies and one of creations -
My Etsy Upcycled belly dance shop -

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