Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Feeling inspired to try out some upcycled wearable art!

Well, the first lot have supplies have now hit the shop; a beautiful collection of beads. Each have been selected for their shape, size, colour and texture...

I present to you:

Morning Garden Dew
These green beauties remind me of that dewy glow the garden has in the first sunlight of the day...
Natures Trail
This collection made me think of a mix of chestnuts on a woodland floor in autumn, and beach weathered driftwood...
Amber Glow
I love these beads. The resin has what look like cracks inside to give it that real amber look; an almost fiery glow...
 Jet Night Sky
There is something almost planetary about the way these beads form their constellation. The Jet colour is so deep and dark but is lightened by the transparent beads and little silver accents; it just made me think of twinkling stars amongst the darkness...

I love this selection and must say I am feeling particularly inspired to create some wearable upcycled art from some similar finds. It just goes to show that when you play with the items you have, maybe map them with like objects, the inspiration just calls to you and you suddenly look at it in a completely different way!

Oh, and on a final note, isn't the macro function on the camera just BRILLIANT!! :-)

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  1. Totally agree- macro is a fab, these pictures look awesome! x