Monday, 24 September 2012

Need some crafty ideas? Get reading!

There's nothing quite like getting a good craft book and rifling through the pages scanning the pictures for inspiration. I love my books... some of which I have yet to have a go at the projects inside! But I get immense satisfaction from browsing the pages, looking at the pictures and imagining which craft project  i'll be trying my hand at next!

At the moment I can feel the familiar stirring within me; the feeling that I need to try out a new craft soon. And with that in mind I start to scan my books, and my supplies (i.e. the random bags and boxes of overflowing fabric, broken jewellery, fabric flowers, glue, sparkly bits and other miscellaneous items that clutter my little flat...

With that in mind I thought i'd share with you all some books that have caught my eye lately - you can click on the book title for more information...

RUBBISH! Reuse your Refuse

This book looks pretty cool, and has a range of designers that contribute to the ideas - I like the Ipod cover made from a CD case and the key chain decorated with guitar picks!

Ideas for Creative Reuse
This book looks really interesting with a few more 'creative' ideas for reusing. Clever ways of manipulating paper, sewing and more to get some really amazing pieces that look like art rather than a child's school homework project!

Sew Eco

I particularly like the look of this book as it's talks about the details of sewing before letting you run with projects. It gives you information about fabric choices; whether buying eco / natural fabrics or how to deal with found fabrics and vintage, for example. There are also some interesting sewing projects included.

Handmade Home: Simple ways to repurpose old materials into new family treasures

I love the look of this book, if not just for the fact it includes detailed instructions for how to create a RAG RUG! Great pictures and instructions for projects, and also gives info on how to look after and handle your materials. (More images from the book below)

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  1. My problem is I get excited about being crafty and then get impatient and mess it up! Looking forward to seeing your next creation! x