Friday, 7 September 2012

So here's some of my projects - Let's get started with The Adventures of Abney & Teal

If you've seen the Cbeebies show The Adventures of Abney & Teal, you'll know what an absolutely delightful programme it is! With the beautiful simplistic approach, homemade look and Toby Dog's folky music to top it off, it's one of my favourite TV programmes that my son likes to watch!

There are 2 main characters: Abney (a cat like boy character) and Teal (a beautiful rag-doll). I just HAD to have a go at making them... so far I've only made Teal. Once I come across some Abney style fabric i'll have a bash at making him too!

So here she is...

The dress was a bit of a nightmare (due to some too-thick-easily-frays curtain fabric) and is also the reason she remains pocket-less at the moment!

All materials I had available already or I sourced locally. The main body is made from an old bed sheet and sewn in a Waldorf doll style format. Her legs were made from a pashmina scarf I had that was luckily in the perfect teal colour I needed

Her little sneakers were fun to make from felt fabric.

So now to make Abney... I'll keep you posted as to my progress...


  1. I absolutely adore this- when I saw it on your Facebook page I was instantaneously jealous!!! Well done- can't wait to see Abney! x

  2. That is seriously amazing.

    I've just finished making my own Poc Pocs.

    Not sure i could turn my hand to fabrics like this though.

    Well done.

    Great show isn't it.

    1. Oh I LOVE THEM!! I was discussing how I could make the Poc Pocs the other day! They look great - and Neep is awesome too!

      I need to make Abney next, although finding Abney style fabric is not so easy!!

      And yes, it is a wonderful show - I love it as much as my son does!