Friday, 28 September 2012

How to make a funky necklace with old stockings/pantyhose/tights...

Whilst browsing for ideas on the internet of what to make for Christmas presents, I came across this great tutorial for how to make a necklace from an old stocking and some coloured balls!

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What a fantastic idea! I don't think i'd use bouncy balls (because of the weight), but perhaps large, brightly coloured beads. And you could even experiment with different coloured stockings for interesting effects.

Other ideas for what you could use stockings/tights/pantyhose for:
  1. Ive used them to contain oats or other herbs and tied them under a running tap to infuse the bath. It's better to use nude coloured stockings for this so you don't get the colour running into your bath water!
  2. Use them to create Waldorf doll heads, before covering them with the skin coloured fabric. I used this for my Teal doll I made (scroll down blog for Adventures of Abney & Teal post!)
  3. For thicker/fishnet tights, cut off the feet and slice a "V" shape in the crotch area... et voila, a urban style tribal belly dance choli to wear under your bra!
  4. And continuing on the belly dance costume theme... cut the ankle part of the stockings to make fingerless gloves to wear under your tribal jewellery! Again find interesting lace stockings or fishnet for the best effect.
  5. Create wire wing shapes (garden wire, old coat hangers) and cover them with stockings... decorate them with bits of broken sparkly jewellery, glitter etc... and you have your very own, custom made fairy wings!
  6. Use wire again to create flower petals, cover with stockings, and you can use as a corsage, attached to a headband etc...
  7. Take your old stockings camping! Drop your soap into one leg, tie it in place, and you can wash your hands through the fabric without dropping or misplacing your soap! Again use nude coloured stockings to avoid running die!
  8. Make lavender bags by filling with the dried herb and tying off. you can also sprinkle with a few drops of lavender essential oil - hang amongst clothes to ward off moths, or hide in drawers to make your smalls smell gorgeous!
  9. Use to wrap cleaned paintbrushes to keep them soft and dust free.
  10. Use to tie your plants in the garden! They are soft but strong so are ideal for helping your growing garden...
So there you have it, 10 extra ideas of what to do with your old stockings! Feel free to post more ideas if you have them!

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