Saturday, 15 September 2012

Loving again - giving a second life to vintage

So here at Revive Revamp Remake you know i'm all about making the most of what we have, reusing and giving life to stuff that has been forgotten. This brings me nicely to the new Vintage Phenomenon that is rapidly taking over the world! With vintage clothing and styling being the new cool I had to discuss it in my blog... after all whilst people are hunting down the next "must have vintage dress" there is one less person buying another mass-produced-soon-to-be-thrown-away piece of clothing.

Vintage has so much charm in so many ways. Somehow when you pick up a piece of vintage clothing you can feel how much it has been looked after and treasured for so many years; it transfers its energy to you and you now want to treasure it as much too! It also has the added bonus that you can pretty much guarantee no-one else will be wearing the same as you...

So with that in mind, i'd like to point you over to my friends beautiful little shop (her blog)


  1. You are AWESOME!!!! thank you so much for this. xxxxxx

    1. You've done so well getting your shop, blog & MORE up and running it HAS to be shared xxx