Friday, 8 February 2013

Things I have made lately...

Well it has been a while since my last post! A whole new year has begun.

As with many creative types, often we get caught up in flurries of excitement with new projects taking our attention.

I have been busy, making things as usual, and with the new year under way I have come back with stories to tell of my crafty going-ons.

These are some of the little projects I have been getting on with...

 A little Waldorf doll "Elf". I made him from a stretch cot bed sheet, some wool I had and leftover fabric for the clothes. I love his simplicity and mad hair.

 I was told I had to put wings on him too!

And this cheeky chappie is a little felt Welsh Terrier I made. I traced a profile picture off the computer screen and then cut out 2 shapes. I then joined them together with a single long strip in the centre and triangles for the legs. Its sewn with a simple blanket stitch. I stuffed him as I went along and then brushed him with a wiry brush after to get the shaggy look!

One of my little resolutions for this year is to try to make as many gifts as I can. I have often wanted to do it, but several factors get in the way; time being one, but namely the confidence. Its difficult to feel confident enough to give a handmade present to someone you love. You fear they may not like it, or that it may not be up to standard. But the truth is, when you do pluck up that courage, there is nothing like the pride and love you feel when wrapping up your little handmade gift. And i'm sure that energy can be felt on the un-wrapping end!

 This was my first handmade gift of the new year. I crocheted a scarf from 2 different types of lovely snuggly wool. I like to think this scarf is crafted with the ocean in mind. I paint in a similar way; various blues and textures to covey the feeling of the sea. I love the water and somehow it always finds its way into my work.

I've just finished my next gift. It's taken me a lot longer than some of my other crafts. I'll post a picture tomorrow when the daylight returns!

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