Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tea & toast and approaching spring mornings

Tea is one of those morning rituals that I love. Its one of those comforting moments when you can be still for a second before the mad dash about begins. 

This morning is a particularly lovely morning. Theres a feeling of spring approaching in the air.

As I opened the window, it is quite noisy with the chattering of lively birds; as if sharing in the excitement of welcoming back the sun. And as those first morning rays break through the clouds, streaming through the barren oak tree branches, the tiniest first buds can almost be seen emerging.

I love these moments, when we can stop and just take 5 to appreciate life around us. And with tea and toast in hand I can begin the day renewed. I find that it is within these moments of calm and stillness that I get the beginnings of ideas; I see things in nature that influence my creativity.

So next time you are having tea and toast, open the windows, listen to the birds and join me in welcoming the spring.

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