Sunday, 16 June 2013

Vintage fabrics, jewellery making and more

The RRR shop over at Etsy has had a bit of a spring clean recently. I've dusted it off and started listing some goodies that i've been collecting for a while now. Being a crafty soul myself, I really wanted to create a shop that sells supplies I would want; stuff that can actually inspire creativity and not all the mass produced tat that you often have to sift through first.

Amongst plenty of jewellery supplies, i've also got some gorgeous vintage fabrics that are in the shop (or in the process of being listed!).

This retro green fabric is great, really thick and has a cool print. It makes me think of a pixelated animal print!

This fabric has a beautiful English Country Garden look, almost like tapestry. Again heavy and could be used for upholstery. This one is now SOLD.

This reminds me of a retro deckchair; british beach with ice-cream and knotted hanky hat! Would be great for a small upholstery project or even to make a bag with!

I love this fabric, slightly softer and not so heavy as the others. I can imagine a vintage inspired headscarf being made from this cute pink stripe print. Not listed just yet, but i'll update the blog when I do!

Plenty of jewellery making supplies will be coming into the shop and i'll write a post soon on how easy it is to make wire earrings. Heres just a few of the lovely bits that are available now:

These gorgeous beads; look like morning dew on blades of grass...

And these. Essentials but are so brilliant for making earrings. Not listed at the time of writing this blog.

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